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Category: Video Junction Boxes

Model 2

VIDEO JUNCTION BOXES are pre-cabled boxes, assembled with external anodized light alloy panels and with the necessary output connectors to be used with Monitors and Video recorders cases.

  • A Video Junction Box PREVENTS the possibility of connecting errors during the shooting, because all the wiring is pre-cabled inside the case.

  • A Video Junction Box MAKES easier the right connection with: VIDEO Assist (from Camera) and AUDIO Signal ( from Sound Engineer).

  • A Video Junction Box IMPROVES the reliability and drastically reduces the Service, because on the Set, all the everyday connecting of external cables is performed only on the sturdy VIDEO JUNCTION BOXES and not directly on the expensive instruments.

  • All the cabling is made inside Interference protected cases.

  • Very important to Rental Houses: in case of damage, repair is simply accomplished just by changing the broken VIDEO JUNCTION BOXES with a good one, sending the broken one to Service.

  • Designed to eliminate all external open cables to AVOID POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS exposure to them.

  • MAINS or BATTERY operations, automatically commuted when a Battery is connected.