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Category: Splitters


D-V XP1 RED One Power splitter is a sophisticated piece of equipment that has been designed to use with RED One electronic camera, keeping in mind the needs of D.o.P.s and those of the Rental Houses.

The new Splitter D-V XP1 for RED One allows to use all the important Accessories for professional shooting: Wireless servo, Microforce, Remote controls, Video transmitters, etc. that are now necessary for the modern way of shooting of DOPs and otherwise could not be used easily for Movie use of that Camera.

The new Splitter D-V XP1 interfaces between power source and the Camera, this way all the power it is available for Accessories.

It protects the power socket of RED One, without damaging it because of continous “plug and unplug” when in use.

The new Splitter D-V XP1 has two Power sockets: this way it allows to go on shooting for more time, without switching off the Camera and commuting from a Power Source to another.

The new Splitter D-V XP1 is manufactured from a solid light alloy block. It is sturdy and rugged for the most demanding field “use and abuse”.


D-V XP1_Operating Instructions