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Multiquartz ARRI 35 III

MULTIQUARTZ is a compact, very low power electronic device that has been designed to be used with Arri 35III camera. It is a highly sophisticated, rugged, unique device that expands even more the functions of Arri 35III camera.

It allows to shoot at frame rates different from 24 or 25 fps, while it keeps the same accuracy and stability got from internal control of the camera.

  • MULTIQUARTZ has 20 Crystal controlled frame rates, each differing from the other, within a same frame range, of exactly one f/step.
  • 23.976 and 29.97 fps are available too, crystal controlled, to film NTSC video at 144° shutter or 180° shutter.
  • Variable speed is available too, with quasi quartz accuracy and with a ± 0.1 fps resolution from 2 up to 50 fps in Standard mode with one 12 Volt battery and from 2 up to 130 fps in HIGH SPEED mode, using an additional 12 Volt battery.
  • MULTIQUARTZ allows filming in FORWARD or REVERSE mode from 2 up to 50 fps, warning the cameraman during the REVERSE running.
  • It allows too filming 1.5 fps continously or SINGLE FRAME, with exposed frames counter.
  • When filming HIGH SPEED mode, a special automatic electronic acceleration circuitry, allows a RAMP speed to avoid film breakage and damage to the camera film transport. No special cable is necessary for HIGH SPEED: just a second camera spare cable is needed and a second 12 Volt battery.
  • A dual BATTERY MONITOR circuitry allows to check battery status either at normal operation or in HIGH SPEED mode.
  • MULTIQUARTZ features in a single pushbutton the functions of: Autoslate, Phase TV and Single Frame.

It has been appreciated for its features for Advertising and Professional work by many D.o.P.s, that have been able to get the best from the device for their creative job.

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