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Multiquartz ARRI 16 SR II

MULTIQUARTZ is an highly sophisticated, compact electronic device that has been designed and optimised for Arri 16 SRII cameras, factory engineered to work without any modification either with Standard or with High Speed model. It packs in one case a whole series of accessories while it introduces new unique ones, that have been designed with professional cameraman's work in mind, giving him a new freedom to devote himself more to film creativeness than to technical problems.

No modification is necessary to the camera, because MULTIQUARTZ is designed to stay externally to the camera body, keeping all its important features like the Integrated Exposure Meter and camera balance, due to its extremely low weight.

Just plug it into camera accessory socket and it is ready to work.

Due to its extremely low current consumption, MULTIQUARTZ can be used even with the integrated NiCad batteries of 16 SR, without substantially affecting the performance of the camera.

  • 16 XTAL frame rates.
  • Variable Speed from 2 up to 75 fps ( 4 up to 150fps for High Speed camera ).
  • Automatic Ramp for High Speed.
  • Phase TV shifter.
  • Built-in an additional Fischer socket, that can be used conveniently with accessories as: Microforce, Remote controls, etc. so making unnecessary the use of multiple socket adapters (ZV named, accessories).
  • Rugged body, with fast, safe attachement device to fix to the camera carrying handle.
  • Controls ergonomically positioned for intuitive and easy way of operations.


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