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Category: Miscellanea

Camera Speed Reference

CAMERA SPEED REFERENCE is a sophisticated, yet rugged instrument, that has been designed as bench tool in Camera Service Shops, Rental Houses or as a tool during shooting, every time a precise speed reference is required to check the camera frame rate, either crystal controlled or not.


  • It delivers exact crystal controlled speed of 24 or 25 fps, switch selectable.

  • 48, 96, 50 and 100 fps can checked too, by selecting multiple higher speeds.

  • Camera speed can be checked through the viewfinder, if the camera is reflex, or directly through the gate looking at CAMERA SPEED REFERENCE.

  • Due to stroboscopic effect, the LEDs will be stationary if camera speed is correct, according to frame rate selected on the instrument.

  • CW or CCW apparent movement of the LEDs will denote a camera that is not correctly adjusted.


Camera Speed Reference info

Camera Speed Reference_instructions