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Product Categories

Battery Packs

Rugged Flightcase BATTERY PACKS assembled with output connectors and BATTERY MONITOR built in.


Cabling ready to be connected to batteries.

Delivered with or without rechargeable batteries.


Camera Kits Upgrade

Upgrades available for specific cameras to extend their use.


Various items and instruments for Movie makers: bench tools, reference devices, remote controllers, etc.


MULTIQUARTZ is a family of multiple accessories packed in one case designed to extend the possibilities of cameras.


Cameras have generally only one Accessory connector. SPLITTERS extend the use of the cameras with multiple accessories.
They are designed to fulfill a specific need and is manufactured according the electronic/mechanic needs. Some of them are designed especially for a camera model or camera accessory, to give D.o.P.s best freedom during shooting.

Video Junction Boxes

VIDEO JUNCTION BOXES are pre-cabled boxes, assembled with external anodized light alloy panels and with the necessary output connectors to be used with Monitors and Video recorders cases. It prevents the possibility of connecting errors during the shooting, because all the wiring is pre-cabled inside the case.